Thank You, UrbanGirl Friends

Yoo hoo hey friends hey,

A big, big, BIG thank you and hugs to all of you for supporting UrbanGirl Office Supply. It was fun wondering about you as we packed your order, and in the earlier days of UG, writing a note of thanks (That got way overwhelming as we grew). We loved it when you posted your new colorful office goodies sometimes along with my note on social media, emailed us, called us, wrote us a note of thanks or a review on TrustPilot.


The UrbanGirl team thanks you for being loyal customers.

So here’s the deal Lucilles (now that song is in my head).

A little thing called time.

Time, the dictionary definition is temporal length of event or entity’s existence. My definition? The older you get the faster it goes (wise words from my mom).

I didn’t have enough time. Time for UrbanGirl, time for our other company, SunDANCE Office Supply, time for the baybee Tucker (he is high maintenance) time for grandkiddos, the hubs, friends, yoga, reading, gardening, cleaning closets and puttering around the house (cleaning house in a hurry is the worst).

SunDANCE Office Supply

The UrbanGirl and SunDANCE team combined to keep your office stocked and your desk stylish.

This Condry was in a quandary, decisions had to made, time was not on my side….I just say I am 33, shhhh don’t tell. So UrbanGirl did not make the cut. A bitter pill to swallow after all the hard work and time (time – there it is again!) the crew devoted to our upstart e-commerce biz. Sad. But on the bright side, SunDANCE Office Supply will be the better for it.   We learned a ton (REALLY, it made me dizzy!).

We sincerely hope that you will visit us at for any office supply needs you may have. We would love that. We would also love to keep in touch! Please give SunDANCE a follow on Twitter or a like on Facebook to see what is going on with Tucker and the rest of the crew.

So from Dyan & John, Hannah, Tyler, Eric, Jenn, Allen and Tucker too….Ooddles of tootles friends.

Smiling at you,


P.S.  Here are some favorites you can find on SunDANCE:

poppin office supplies

Colorful File Folders


washi tape

Unique Gift Ideas: Woman-Owned Businesses

We always love to support other woman-owned businesses, and making a holiday gift guide featuring unique gift ideas from companies owned by women has become a tradition here at UrbanGirl.

Here are some unique gift ideas for 2016 from woman-owned businesses!  None of the businesses paid or asked to be included.  I simply found products from woman-owned companies that were of interest to me.  Enjoy!

Darling Magazine

What do you get for the woman who has everything?  A magazine subscription!  It is something she will read and enjoy throughout the year.  Darling Magazine features stories about real women and vows to never use Photoshop to alter women’s faces or bodies, and to only write positive stories about celebrities instead of highlighting gossip.

Unique Gift Ideas - Darling Magazine

Pug Notes by Melissa Langer

I have two pugs, so I love Melissa’s whimsical pug artwork.  You can purchase these adorable pugs (and other breeds–she is not exclusive to pugs!) on many items from note cards to tote bags to dog bowls.

Artwork by Melissa Langer

SheroBox Subscription

The ultimate gift for women by women!  SheroBox, a woman-owned company, is a subscription box service featuring gifts from woman-owned businesses.  Surprise her with a new box of goodies every month that supports woman-owned businesses.

Unique Gift Ideas from woman-owned businesses

Curl Box

I love subscription boxes and I have naturally curly hair, so I had to include the Curl Box in this list.  Subscribers get high-quality hair product samples each month.  The company is owned and operated by Myleik Teele.


Peeled Snacks

Noha Waibsnaider founded Peeled Snacks in 2004.  She wanted snacks that were both tasty and healthy, and could not find anything that worked.  Therefore, she started her own company making organic fruit snacks and more!

Unique Gift Ideas - Peeled Snacks

These are just a few ideas from woman-owned businesses that were interesting to me.  Feel free to leave your own suggestions by woman-owned businesses in the comments.  Don’t forget to check out our previous woman-owned business gift guides as well!  #BuyFromWomen this holiday season to help support woman-owned businesses.  (Remember, we are woman-owned, too!)

Cute Office Gifts from UrbanGirl

While “office supplies” may not be the first thing to pop into your mind when thinking of holiday gift ideas, office supplies from UrbanGirl are a perfect gift because ours are both fashionable and functional.  Give your friends, family, and coworkers an office upgrade with cute office gifts from UrbanGirl.

Top 5 Cute Office Gifts from UrbanGirl

1. The Chameleon Tape Dispenser

This little guy is always a favorite gift from UrbanGirl.  He has been featured on Buzzfeed and is a favorite of the UrbanGirl staff.  For added fun, purchase Scotch Expressions Magic Tape in fun colors and prints to use with this cute tape dispenser.

Chameleon Tape Dispenser

2.  Sarah Watts File Folders

Everyone in the office probably needs file folders.  Why not have super cute file folders?  We love this collection by Sarah Watts.  Choose from elephants, hedgehogs, owls, and foxes.

Animal Print File Folders

3.  Poppin Desk Set

Give your office friend a desk set in his or her favorite color!  Poppin makes the cutest desk accessories in simple, yet stylish, bold solid colors.

Poppin Desk Sets

4.  A New Planner

Give the gift of stylish organization with a planner from designers such as Lilly Pulitzer or Kate Spade New York.  We have so many styles and colors, you are sure to find a designer planner that your friend or coworker will love.

Designer Planners

5.  A Clever Coffee Mug

Some may say a coffee mug isn’t an office supply, but we totally disagree.  A coffee mug is essential and certainly belongs on a list of cute office gifts!  We love this design featuring the phrase “But First, Coffee” from designer

Cute Office Gifts - Bando Coffee Mug

Don’t forget, it is OK to buy gifts for yourself, too!  Why not give your own workspace a fashionable and functional makeover?


Printable Adult Coloring Pages

Adult coloring is the current trend in relaxation and stress management.  Don’t worry, “adult” coloring pages are not anything inappropriate to read about at work!  Adult coloring pages and adult coloring books simply feature more complex designs to color than traditional children’s coloring books.

adult coloring pages

Coloring an intricate pattern, picture, or design requires focus.  When you focus on coloring in details, you are not focused on your worries.  Therefore, it can help promote relaxation and relieve stress.  It is soothing to color a beautiful picture, and to have the satisfaction of creating something.

Because most adult coloring books are highly detailed and have smaller areas than children’s books, crayons may not be the best option.  We recommend using colored pencils because the sharper point allows for detailed coloring.  Our favorite colored pencils are the Crayola package of 50 colored pencils.  They are nice pencils with sharp points and vivid color.  They also provide a generous variety of colors.

There are several ways to enjoy coloring.  You can purchase adult coloring books at a craft store like Micheal’s, or a bookstore like Barnes and Noble.  You can print up free coloring pages for adults from many websites (we even made a few for you to download at the end of this post).  Simply search “free printable adult coloring pages” on any web search engine and you will find plenty to print up and enjoy.  Finally, you can create your own patterns using plain graph paper.  Color in each square in a different color and create your own pixelated picture or pattern!

adult coloring idea

Do you love coloring AND office supplies?  Then download and print our free printable adult coloring pages!  One sheet features a collage of office supplies to color, and the other is a repeating pattern featuring our UrbanGirl “UG” logo.

Download office supply adult coloring page

Download logo adult coloring page


Modern Metallic Office Supplies

Metallic Office Supplies

Make your work shine with metallic office supplies from UrbanGirl.  Whether it is gold, silver, copper, or bronze, adding a touch of metallic shimmer to your office decor will give it an instant upgrade.

Poppin, know for cute and colorful office supplies, have created new metallic office supplies for the fall season.  Try out this set of pens with metallic ink in various colors.  They will look pretty in your pen cup on your desk, and write in smooth, shimmery, colorful perfection.

Poppin Metallic Pens

File in style with Poppin’s new metallic patterned file folders.  This set includes 6 letter-size file folders, two of each different geometric style featuring bold lines of gold and copper.  These look great in a clear acrylic file sorter so you can show them off on your desk instead of hiding them away in a drawer or cabinet.

Poppin Metallic Folders

Looking for metallic legal-size folders? Stylish legal-size file folders are really hard to find.  We were delighted to discover that Barker Creek makes beautiful gold-embellished legal folders!  These folders are available at UrbanGirl in both letter and legal sizes.

Legal Size File Folders

Sort your papers with colorful metallic paper clips.  This set of 600 coated clips from OIC includes an assortment of metallic colors.  Perfect for color-coding or simply adding a touch of color to your work.

Metallic Paper Clips

Add some metallic flair to your cubicle with these fashionable and functional panel wall clips.  Hang papers, photos, mementos, etc. with these metallic clips that pin right into your fabric cubicle wall.

Metallic Office Supplies

Mark your property with metallic permanent markers! Sharpie Metallic Permanent Marker is designed to provide brilliant sheen on both light and dark surfaces with the same bold, smooth no-shake performance of the Sharpie Metallic writing system. Marks are permanent on most hard-to-mark surfaces with a precision fine point. Alcohol-based ink formula is quick-drying, fade-resistant, water-resistant and certified AP nontoxic.
Metallic Sharpies

UrbanGirl’s Favorite Office Supplies

Favorite Office Supplies

Our Favorite Office Supplies – Part One

All of us Urban Girls and Urban Guys love office supplies!  I thought it would be fun to give a shout out to the products that the UrbanGirl team members adore.

Schneider Pens

My team and I love Schneider pens!  Urban Guy Eric says, “the Schneider pens have been a favorite of mine for a couple of years and I love the way they write, they don’t smear on me, they last a long time and have a unique attractive design.”  We all love that the pens come in many different colors, too.  Click the photo below to check them out at UrbanGIrl.

Favorite Office Supplies Schneider Pens

Rapid Staplers

The Rapid staplers are the perfect combination of style and function.  They come in different colors to match your office decor, they style is sleek and modern, and the stapler works really well–rarely jamming.  Click the photo to shop the Rapid Wild Color Series staplers.  These staplers are the favorite of Eric and Jenn.

Fashion Staplers

Karate Post-it Note Dispenser

The Karate Post-it Note Dispenser is one of Allen’s favorite office supplies.  It is cute and practical.  However, Allen’s reason for having this little guy on his desk?  He says, simply, “because I’m a ninja!”  We could all use something a little fun on our desks, don’t you think?  Click on him to purchase.

Karate Post-it Note Dispenser

Lilly Pulitzer Agenda

UrbanGirl Christine says, “I love the Lilly Pulitzer agenda I just got the other day. It’s not too big or too small. The fact that it has hard covers and has that large spiral binding makes it easy to just open up in your lap to write in.”  Also, it has a page of stickers, and beautiful artwork throughout.  It comes in three different cover styles, but my personal favorite, of course, is the Tusk in Sun print because I love elephants!
Lilly Pulitzer Agendas

We have many more favorites to share.  Look for part two coming soon!

Emily Ley Planners and Address Books

Emily Ley Planners

Emily Ley Planners

Emily Ley is a business owner, wife, and mother who wanted a planner that was simple and stress-free.  She couldn’t find exactly what she wanted, so she designed one herself, and the Emily Ley Simplified Planner was born!

The Emily Ley planners inspire “women of all ages to build joy and simplicity into their lives through intentional choices, purposeful plans and playful experiences. The collection [is] built on the pillars of simple design, classic style, fresh colors and playful details.”

We were so happy to bring this woman-created and woman-owned brand to UrbanGirl’s lineup of office supplies, planners, and decor this year.  The academic year Emily Ley planners were a huge success (all sold out!), but we have beautiful Happy Stripe Daily Planners for the calendar year 2016 still in stock, and we also have the Emily Ley Simplified Address Book.

Here is a peek inside the 2016 Daily Planner which features one page for each weekday, one page for each weekend, a monthly spread, and a Sunday checklist each week.  It comes in a navy blue keepsake box.

Monthly Spread–Includes holidays, a 2-month reference, and a notes column.

Emily Ley Daily Planner Month

Weekend Page–features a space for writing a happy memory, an inspiring quote, and a Sunday checklist.

Emily Ley Planner Weekend Page Detail

Daily Page–features a place for your daily schedule, a to-do list, an are for meal-planning, and a place for notes.  Also has an inspirational quote.

Emily Ley Daily Page

If you love this planner and want to use it to plan out your 2016 with simplicity and beauty, make sure you buy one before they sell out!

Specialty Tape: Chalkboard, Washi, and More

Specialty TapeTape has many other uses aside from just sticking things together.  Specialty tape can be used to label items, created sculptures, decorate a scrapbook, jazz up a planner, and decorate just about anything.

Specialty tape is any type of tape that is not just for the simple task of sticking things together.  It may be decorative or of a different material than regular tape.

CHALKBOARD specialty tape

For example, chalkboard tape is tape in that it is a on a roll and it is sticky.  What makes it special is that it can be written on with chalk and erased, just like a chalkboard.  This tape has many uses from creating cute labels that can be changed on boxes, jars, potted plants, etc. to embellishing scrapbook pages or decorating a child’s room.  It is also really cute to wrap around a gift and write the recipient’s name and a special message in chalk.

Washi Tape

Washi tape has millions of uses from the decorative to the practical.  Just about anything can be decorated with washi tape.  Read our blog post about washi tape for more information on this versatile Japense style tape.

expressions tape

Scotch  Expressions Magic Tape is a fun twist on the regular, reliable Scotch Magic Tape.  It is just like the regular Magic Tape, but it comes in fun colors and patterns.  It can be used in a regular tape dispenser and can be used for regular taping tasks.  It is also perfect for wrapping gifts and creating various DIY projects.

Duck Tape

Duck Tape (yes, that is “duck” not “duct”) is a brand of beautifully colored and printed rolls of tape that work just like traditional duct tape, but with a fashion look.  Use this specialty tape to create tons of fun things in your home, or to breathe life into old objects.

Post-it Label Roll

The Post-it roll may not really qualify as tape, but since it is sticky and comes in rolls, I am considering it a tape.  It can be used to label or leave notes on just about any surface with leaving any sticky residue.

Which type of specialty tape is your favorite?  Do you have a unique way to use it?


Moleskine Notebooks Quality and Simplicity

Moleskine Notebooks

Moleskine notebooks are known for quality and simplicity.  The basic style has rounded corners, a sturdy cover, an elastic band, and a pocket inside.  Originally created by a small French company, this style of notebook claims a literary and artistic heritage back to Vincent Van Gogh and Ernest Hemingway.   The Moleskine company writes that the notebooks were “a trusted and handy travel companion, the notebook held invaluable sketches, notes, stories, and ideas that would one day become famous paintings or the pages of beloved books.”

The notebooks disappeared in the 1980s, but were revived in 1997 by an Italian manufacturer and have exploded in popularity since then.   The love of this style of notebook continues today and is loved by writers, artists, and anyone who loves quality writing paper.  “Moleskine notebooks have resumed their travels, providing an indispensable counterpart to the new and portable technology of today. Capturing reality in movement, glimpsing and recording details, inscribing the unique nature of experience on paper: the Moleskine notebook becomes a battery that stores ideas and feelings, releasing its energy over time.”

The company still has the same commitment to quality and strives to find materials and manufacturers to maintain the highest production standards. However, Moleskine notebooks have gone beyond the simple black pocket-size notebooks to a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors.  We are happy to announce we have several of these styles available at UrbanGirl!

Shown below are the hardcover notebooks size 8.25″ by 5″ with lined pages.  Each of these Moleskine notebooks features acid-free paper, a bookmark, elastic closure and expandable inner pocket.

Moleskine Notebooks

A smaller size is also available.  The 5.5″ by 3.5″ notebooks are sold in sets of three.

moleskine notebooks

The notebooks are available in many other colors and sizes, some with blank pages and some with ruled pages, and you can find them at UrbanGirl.

Hannah Tries to Keep an Organized Planner

I am not a naturally organized person.  I love the idea of being organized, but as a creative person, I find it difficult to actually be organized.  I admire my coworker Hilary who always has her weeks planned out in her creatively decorated and perfectly organized planner.  I love seeing pictures of offices on Houzz or Pinterest that are perfectly sorted, color-coded, and contained.  I love shopping on UrbanGirl or going to Ikea to buy cute and colorful desk organizers.

Madrid style organized planner

At-a-Glance academic year “Madrid” style 5″ x 8″ planner. I carry this one in my purse.

However, putting these ideas into practice just hasn’t worked for me.  I need my papers exposed and in front of me on my desk.  I find clutter inspirational.  I know where things are, even if it looks like chaos to someone else.  I am not sure that I will ever be an organized person, but I am starting small.  I at least want to keep an organized planner.

I want to become one of those amazing people who have an Instagram-worthy planner.  I want to have all of my appointments and reminders neatly and creatively stored in one spot.  I hope that by making my planner creative by decorating it with washi tape and stickers, that I will be more motivated to actually use it.  I may not have an organized desk, but I am determined to have an organized planner!

I decided that I actually need two planners.  I bought one small size to keep in my purse, and a larger one to keep in a central location in my home.  The larger planner will be used by both my husband and I to keep track of events, special occasions, appointments, and maintenance of our home.  For example, we can never remember when we need to change our air-conditioner filter.  That is something we can write down in our planner, along with changing batteries in our smoke detectors, giving our dogs their monthly heartworm pills, and keeping track of bills.

organized planner

At-a-Glance Vienna 2016 professional planner featuring weekly and monthly views. 8.5″ X 11″

I chose the Vienna Professional Planner by At-a-Glance to be the home planner.  It is 8.5″ by 11″ so it is large enough for both my husband and I to write in.  Also, it is beautiful, so I will enjoy looking at it each week.  I don’t have time to decorate two planners, so I decided I wanted a planner that was already nicely decorated.

For my personal planner, I chose the Madrid purse-size planner.  It is pretty on its own, but the simple black and teal pattern allows me to add embellishment.  I purchased the academic year version because I wanted to go ahead and get started and not wait for the new year.  I found the plain black cover to be too boring, so I decorated it myself using washi tape and Duck brand decorative tape.

Organized Planner

My planner, customized with washi tape and duck tape.

In my next post, I will show the inside pages of my planner to show that I am actually keeping up with it and writing in it every week.  Keep reading this blog to see if I can really keep an organized planner for the whole year!